Uptown at Farrer Health Facilities Near to Development

A new establishment, located right in the middle of Farrer park, owned by Low Keng Huat (Singapore) Limited. Uptown @ Farrer is designed to provide residents the highest levels of comfortability and a totally wonderful experience in general.

Standout Features at Uptown at Farrer

Uptown @ Farrer packs numerous facilities designed to provide a great living experience. Let’s look at some of these amazing features;

– A Cluster Of Schools To choose From

No need for your children to travel long distances to find a reputable school to attend. There are school’s located all over the area to save your children from hectic journeys to school and leave you the parents feeling a lot more secured about the safety of your children.

Availability Of Adequate Health Facilities at Uptown at Farrer To Cater For All Your Health Needs

Health facilities are a very important factor of a community but are often overlooked. Non-availability of a health facility or one which is situated far from your location could cause serious complications which could easily have been avoided. With “Uptown @ Farrer” you have got that totally covered. With medical facilities spread across your location, you have absolutely no headache whatsoever about your health situations

-Restaurants And Eateries Available

There are a host of Restaurants and Eateries to pick from at Uptown @ Farrer Perumal Road. Perfect for those moments when you are running a bit late and can’t put together a meal in time. Simply decide on which to visit and you’re good to go. There are quite some good places to have a meal in this location. Punggol Nasi Lemak and the exquisite Banana Leaf Apolo, are some great choices to look at.

There are lot more facilities to look forward to in general. An indoor gym, tennis court, spacious field for children to play, a 50m swimming pool , and the list goes on and on.

Floor Plans and Layouts to Choose from at Uptown at Farrer

Uptown @ Farrer, provides different types of units to choose from. There are 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom facilities to choose from. There are bigger layouts such as the 4 bedder which will be a really great environment for a family.
There are markings made on floor to assist with furniture placement as well to prevent going through any hassle to figure out where to place what.


Founded way back in 1969, has grown from humble beginnings from a real estate developer to a now all round property developer. The developer aims to build trust and deliver absolute quality to its clients. Due to these strict values, Low Keng Huat Limited has grown in leaps and bounds.


Enjoy a stay of total comfort and ease of accessing basic amenities in a well thought out environment. Contact Uptown @ Farrer now.

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