Jui Residences 1177 Serangoon Road Great World City MRT Station Singapore

Jui residence is like every residence, a place in a country where government or other important people with a high social status such as ambassadors or bishops have a permanent or temporary stay. Singapore is recognizable by residences in which many famous people spent a lot of time. For Jui Residence, people never believed that these building will become a residence.

Many secrets are hidden behind the walls and building on some way is staggering, but with merit. Jui residence SDB International Serangoon is a free capital development and it is located. In a tender for land was participated Tiara Land, which represent unit of Chamsvort development. Selangor Dredging prove a big land at 47 million$. It believes that government will changed the land from zoning land into industrial building.

Jui Residences 1177 Serangoon Road Great World City MRT Station

Seangoon Road, where is Jui residences located is one of the main ways in Singapore which begins from Selegie road. Jui residence established as Water company, which is recognize for its production, like Kikapoo and Sinalco, Unfortunately, everything stopped during 1990 and building stayed empty.

The primarily building of National Aerated Water Company will be represented as a building which is implement from the Urban Redevelopment Authority. There are a lot of meetings with Selangor Dredging Berhard with a goal to find adequate way to save the building of Jui residence Condo, which should set up the piece of development.

Jui Residences Selangor Dredging Berhad Singapore

More than twenty five years ago building was use with a purpose making drinks, at the time when drinks where really popular and nowadays primarily plan is to be saved as a part of Singapore history.. In front of the building it will not be fence, reasonably because it is goal for people that never forget interesting part of Singapore history.

Jui Residence 1177 Serangoon Road has a very specifically facilities including a clubhouse, tennis court, gym and right now is some kind of luxury hotel. This is a good choice for people who prefer the place in the most beautiful part of the city. Near Jui Residence Selangor Dredging there is a lot of restaurants, school, park and shopping centers, children playground, sweeping pool.

Jui Residences New Freehold Development at Serangoon Road

Secondly it is very good connected with the well-known MRT station as like as Boon Kang MRT station, Bendemeer MRT station, Woodleght MRT station. If residents have their personal car, better option, this part of Singapure is really save for drive and come to their needed destination like Pan Island expressway, Central expressway and Kallang-Paya Leban Expressway. Near the building Joi residence is planned to build some more new buildings, with a goal to increase population in this part of city. Near is also the Venue shop big shopping center which can be the big shopping adventure for you and for your company. Very close to Jui Residence is sand Andrew Junior college, established in1862. This college provide a quality education for young people.

Cedar Girls Secondary school was established in 1957 and nowadays is one of the most famous high schools. The primarily goal of professors is to encourage student to study better, and today the school consist of 1400. Globally, Jui Residence consist of four bedroom available, and the building bring a lot of memories of many famous person. In some way through interesting addicts, and good location Jui residence become one of tourist attractions.

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