The Tapestry Condo Tampines Street 86 by City Developments Limited

It is a new plan of building 861 brand new condo minimum units. It will be nestled in prime mature estate along Tampines Avenue 10 and Tampines Street 86. It will be developed by City Developments Limited. According to City Development Limited plan there will be a hub by the name Tampines hub. It will be the first integrated community and lifestyle hub that will be able to bring people from different backgrounds together.

The Tapestry Condo Tampines Street 86

The hub is quite different from others because it will have a hawker center and club programs. It will have sports facility which include 4 lawn tennis courts and 1 hockey court.
There is a polytechnic in the premise by the name Temasek Polytechnic. It is the third polytechnic in Singapore. It offers specific industry courses for the working professional.
It is the last piece of land that is available for sale in the government land and sales program. It is close to expanding Tampines Central New Town. Watersports are also available at Bedok Reservoir near Tapestry Condo Ave 10.

It has full unique facilities. They include guard house, club house, indoor gym, function room, 50m swimming pool, lawn tennis court, BBQ pits, sun deck and children playing grounds. A childcare center is also included the plan. Bedok Reservoir Water sports which makes it a good gathering for sports lovers. It has water sports such as sailing, kayaking and canoeing. It also has a jogging track, fitness station and a children playground.

The Tapestry Condo City Developments Limited Singapore

There is reliable transportation, it is not far away from The Tapestry Condo. Tampines has a mall that can accommodate all of its neighbors. A part of the Tampines will have residential built at the Tapestry Condo Parcel C Tampines Street 86. The Tapestry Tampines Street 86 in District 18 showflat and launching date will be approximately early 2018. The City Developers Limited is listed Developer in Singapore for having global presence located in 26 countries. It has its offices in about 97 locations in the world.
The upcoming town that is located near the Tapestry Condo which will be known as Tampines North. It will be a self-sufficient hub. It will have schools, recreational amenities and ease transportation.

It will be a spectacular place to stay in and around. It has everything you need in a town. It is a city within a city. If you would like to have a share in the plot, you can buy online. You simply go to their website and fill a form and someone will attend to you. The development is suitable to anyone who wants to keep fit since there are is all the sports amenities available in one place. For lawn tennis lovers, they will be able to play for as long as they want since they are enough courts.

The Tapestry Tampines Ave 10 New Condo Near Tampines Hub

For the ones who love swimming or water games, they are not left out too. They can swim, they can sail and there is canoeing. There will be a lot of fun in Tapestry Tampines.
There are limited spaces left for occupying as the saying goes the early bird catches the warm. For those who want to be a part of the growth they can log in into their website and get a part of the plot especially the residence.

The contractors are highly trustedby people since they have unique designs. There work is spectacular hence no doubt on the outcome. The project is unique in the whole world.
It will be the best place to hold get together, weddings and parties because they have enough space for events. There is no need of carrying snacks or cooking food. They have all those in the shopping centers and the mall.

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