Boulevard 88 Freehold Condo Cuscaden Walk Orchard

Singapore remains as the magical place to dwell. Imagine that people can live comfortably, surrounded by serene environment within an apartment in the core of the city. This is not surprising for all dwellers of Boulevard 88 Cuscaden Walk. While there are many apartments in the city, Boulevard 88 has more to offer. Not only because of its excellent location in the Orchard Shopping District, but also its outstanding amenities that pamper all dwellers, whether they are expatriates, native people, or students who need to study in the city.

Best Developer with The Best Condominium

Nothing compares the reputation of City Developments Limited, the developer of Boulevard 88 and other residential property throughout Singapore, as well as several countries abroad like the UK, Japan, Australia and China. This developer is also popular for its giant property development like shopping centres, business districts as well as industrial buildings.

Boulevard 88 is proud of its spacy layout in every unit, where dwellers can truly enjoy the comfort and tranquil ambiance. They can enjoy the magnificent views of the city, at day and night, while they don’t have to worry about the inconveniences of living in the busiest street in the city.

Boulevard 88 Freehold Development Great World City

They can opt for some relaxing sites like the clubhouse, containing tennis court, indoor fitness centre and spa. Kids can also enjoy the kid-friendly swimming pool without leaving the apartment. Family treat facilities here include BBQ deck and children playground. What can be better than that.

Perfect Location Rocks!

The hot location is the main reason, why Boulevard 88 is worth everyone’s investment. Many native Singaporeans have no doubt that this apartment is the best dwelling place, as it is surrounded by public venues. Orchard Road is within reach, where there is everything for everyone. High class shopping malls are here to meet the demands of wealthy buyers worldwide. At the same time, there are retail shops for those, who want to get the latest fashion products with good quality, at low prices. Truly, this is the shopping haven for everyone with various budgets.

Boulevard 88 Orchard MRT Station Cuscaden Walk Location

Reaching MRT stations and bus stops are even much easier. Orchard Boulevard and Orchard MRT stations are only a stone away. Tanglin Road and Orchard Boulevard have some bus stops that allow bus passengers to enjoy their city trips safely and comfortably.

Boulevard 88 is more than just a cozy living place for business people–mostly expatriates, but also families. While every member of the family can simply enjoy the facilities within the apartment, they can choose the best schools in Singapore, like EtonHouse International School, ISS, etc.

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